Mr. Long

… Following an assignment gone wrong in Tokyo, professional Taiwanese hitman Mr. Long (Chang Chen) finds himself stranded without a passport in a run-down Japanese village. Long installs himself in one of the dilapidated houses, and does what any cold-hearted killer would do in his situation: he befriends the locals,

Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape

… Whether or not it’s another nostalgic fad, cassette tapes, like vinyl records, are experiencing a resurgence, which director Zack Taylor explores in his new film, Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape. Taylor interviews Lou Ottens, the 91-year-old Dutch engineer who, while at Philips, helped develop the cassette and who, like many of


… THE BMW ART JOURNEY is a new global art initiative by BMW and ART BASEL offering artists an opportunity to undertake a journey of creative discovery. Join the latest in a broad range of cultural projects for BMW. Director: Werner Klemm Producer: Rekorder GmbH Country: Germany

One Million Steps

… A tap dancer performs, while elsewhere people run from the tear gas of the police. Two worlds apart – if it wasn’t for an unexpected opening in the floor, right in front of the dancer… She decides to jump, and lands in the middle of the social protests in